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How Applegreen saved 80% cost in staff training with Retail LMS

June 19, 2019
How Applegreen saved 80% cost in staff training with Seamscloud LMS

The retail space can suffer from high staff turn-over and ongoing training of new employees is tough.For companies who have a high staff turnover or multi-branch locations, managing staff compliance and training is no easy task.

But now it’s possible to cost-effectively train every employee regardless of geographical location on a continual basis using a cloud-based learning management system.

It’s extremely efficient and you can save up to 80% on your traditional training costs. Retail LMS solutions can achieve this with ease for you and we want to share our own experience partnering a major retail brand in setting up their LMS systems and helping them achieve results that talks for itself.

A client with over 177 service stations across Ireland and the UK, Applegreen have used our learning management system to overcome this and many other challenges.

Check out this amazing case study below.

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