Effective Planning and Organising

25.00 15.00

– Understand how to plan and manage resources more effectively.
– Know how to develop daily, weekly and monthly results driven plans.
– know how to work with teams and plan team projects.
– Understand how to manage work activities within budget and cost guidelines.

1. Why Planning and Organising is Important.
2. What is Planning and Organising.
3. Defining Objectives or Outcomes.
4. Breaking Down the Tasks that have to be Completed.
5. Identifying and Prioritising Risk Factors.
6. Putting Tasks in Sequence.
7. Identify Resources Required.
8. Developing a Resource Plan.
9. Developing and Managing Budgets.
10. Monitoring Budgets.

Product Description

Effective Planning and Organising are critical to business success. Our Planning and Organising prepares staff to be more efficient, effective and productive in the work place. This course covers areas from planning to review, prioritising and budget managing and monitoring.