The ultimate guide for Seasonal Staff Hiring for Retail ( 2019 )

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So it’s that time of the year where you need seasonal staff to manage your busy periods. In fact, every business requires temporary staff or has this seasonal employment tasks at various points throughout the year. Our approach here is to try to look at this systematically with a long term vision rather than a once-off activity.

With unemployment rates decreasing at a rapid rate, seasonal recruitment drives are proving to be more and more challenging. This is a trend look set to continue.(YOY to a post-crash low of 4.7%, was at 5.4% last year around the same time on July 19)

Not only do we have less staff available to recruit, we also have witnessed an increase in the number ( in the range of 10-15% Y-o-Y) of companies offering seasonal employment – there is much more competition in the market now. As a result HR Professionals/Business Owners, are facing more and more challenges with recruitment forcing them to be come up with new ways to meet seasonal staff recruitment demands.

So what is more important – staff benefits or increasing the minimum wage? How do we attract and retain temporary workers? What’s the strategy for hiring seasonal employees?

This peak season, find the right talent for your seasonal jobs with ease using our ultimate guide.

Why read the ultimate guide?

The ultimate guide is an exhaustive view at the seasonal hiring task and gives detailed step-by-step guidance, much more than just an overview of best practices. Check out a sneak peek of the content inside :

How to Hire Seasonal Employees?

  • Job Boards: Use tools like Apploi ( which lets you post to multiple job boards at once and also has better employee hiring processes set in place.
  • In-Store Hiring posters: The in-store hiring boards need to be strategically placed in your store or premise. You could create hiring posters and print them using tools like Canva.
  • Facebook Jobs: have created a space in itself when it comes to finding part-time or temporary talent. It’s also the easiest tool to use since it leverages your existing social media presence.
  • Employee Referral Program: This is the most tried and tested approach that never fails. Offer rewards to incentivise successful referrals. If you are looking at a simple way to execute this, tools like upviral can help you in setting up a referral campaign that can be tracked to the minutest details.

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